Von Hessischerhof Rottweilers

Adding a Rottweiler puppy to your family can be a big step and at Von Hessischerhof Rottweilers we are dedicated to helping you through the entire process. We screen potential owners and place our rottweilers in an environment in which they are given love, attention, and training throughout their lifetimes, as well as helping each rottweiler to reach there full potential as a show or working dog.

DunjaVon Hessischerhof Rottweilers number one goal, as a rottweiler breeder, is to produce genetically healthy rottweiler puppies with excellent temperaments and conformation. We breed for conformation and working competitions (VPG/SchH/IPO/Ringsport), carefully studying pedigrees, conformation, and temperament and looking at past offspring produced to select rottweilers that meet our goals and expectations.

Since the temperament of the rottweiler parents is highly heritable we carefully select our rottweiler breeding pair in order to provide a sound and happy rottweiler. Many of our rottweilers have passed some form of temperament evaluation such as a BH, VPG/SchH exam or Breed Suitability Test (Ztp). Although temperament is very important it is only half of a good rottweiler, health and structural conformation is the second. We strive to produce rottweilers that are as close to the German standard as possible. For that reason most of our rottweilers are imported from European countries where they have proven themselves as sound working and show dogs. All of our dogs are OFA or HD Certified for hips prior to entering our rottweiler breeding program.


We now have Ekindu Crni Lotos puppies!
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